Four Essentials for Your First Half Marathon


Half Marathon pic

Half Marathon

Retired US Navy captain David Schnell sits on the board of directors of Walden Family Services, a nonprofit serving foster youth. An avid runner in his free time, Captain David Schnell has run several half marathons.

Running your first half marathon will feel a lot different from running a 5K or 10K. To get you started, here are four essentials you’ll need for completing your first half marathon:

i) Good shoes and socks 
A good pair of well-fitting running shoes is an absolute must if you want to avoid injuries such as shin splints and joint pains. Opt for well-fitting and -padded shoes that complement your stride, to minimize stress on your joints during the run. Add a pair of partial-wool socks to reduce the chances of developing blisters.

ii) Bottled water 
Hydration is a must on long runs. Being even slightly dehydrated will negatively affect your performance. Drink as much water as your sweat rate and the weather demand, and carry more bottled water on hot and humid days.

iii) Chafe protection 
Anti-chafe body lotion prevents chafes from developing in your underarms, thighs, and toes. Apply some to make your running comfortable all the way.

iv) Nutrition packs
When you’re running long distances, you will deplete your body’s levels of glycogen. Carry an energy drink or nutrition gel or chew to power up.


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