Two Popular Contests Sponsored by the US Naval Institute

US Naval Institute pic

US Naval Institute

Retired US Navy Captain David Schnell spent 27 years in the service, where he commanded several ships. A decorated veteran, Captain David Schnell is a member of the US Naval Institute.

The US Naval Institute’s mission is to advance the professional and scientific understanding of sea power by providing an independent forum for readers, writers, and thinkers. Since its establishment, one of the main ways the Institute fulfills its mission is by organizing essay contests. To date, the Institute has sponsored 25 contests. Two in 2018 are the NPS Foundation/US Naval Institute Annual Contest and the CNO Naval History Essay Contest.

The NPS contest is for students and staff of the US Naval Postgraduate School. This contest challenges students and staff to write a 3,000-word essay that is either directly related to each student’s thesis or addresses an issue relevant to the military profession. The award carries a cash prize of $5,000.

The CNO contest challenges professional and upcoming historians to write a 3,500-word essay covering a naval history topic that is relevant in today’s environment. The contest carries a first prize of $5,000, a second prize of $2,500, and third prize of $1,500.


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