Captain David Schnell: Published Author a Former Walden Foster Youth

As part of his nearly 25 years of service in the U.S. Navy, Captain David Schnell acted as the commanding officer of the USS Ford and the USS Peleliu. He earned numerous distinctions, including the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal. He currently serves as the executive director of Christ Kitchen, a nonprofit that provides meals to individuals in need in San Diego, and he serves on the board of Walden Family Services.

Corey Evan recently published a book drawing on his own high school experience. Titled High School through the Eyes of a Mormon: The Freshman Year, the book traces the story of a Mormon student named Marc Ryan and his life as a freshman in high school. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Corey Evan felt he brought a unique view to the struggles every teenager faces in high school. With his own individual brand of humor, he wrote honestly about his experiences, hoping to help and inspire his readers.

Before going on to graduate from Palomar College, Corey Evan was in foster care with Walden Family Services. Founded in 1976, this California-based non-profit organization supports a wide range of initiatives designed to assist foster youth and pregnant and parenting teenagers both pre- and post-emancipation.


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A U.S. Navy veteran with more than 26 years of experience as an officer in increasingly challenging roles, including the command of two naval warships, David Schnell has a vast background in executive leadership, management, and team building. David Schnell’s military service offered him the chance to develop a wide range of skills in business management, crisis management, financial planning, and problem solving. He served in multiple deployments to the Arabian Gulf, provided combat support to ongoing military operations in the Middle East, and led thousands of sailors from a variety of different professional backgrounds. During his naval career, David Schnell served as Commanding Officer on board the USS Peleliu, an amphibious aircraft carrier and flagship for an expeditionary strike group, and the USS Ford, a guided missile frigate in support of an aircraft carrier strike group. During both commands, he led a total of 1,250 sailors and oversaw the security of 1,800 Marines in combat and support operations. David Schnell also held several staff positions in Washington, DC, including Staff Officer to the Chief of Naval Operations Deep Blue Directorate, where he offered technical guidance and expertise on emerging warfare concepts, and Branch Chief to the Joint Staff in the War on Terrorism Directorate, where he worked on anti-proliferation issues concerning weapons of mass destruction as well as biological and chemical agents. Schnell retired honorably from the Navy as a Captain and currently works in San Diego as Executive Director of Christ Kitchen, an organization that provides thousands of meals to people who are homeless and families in need. David Schnell also serves on the board of Walden Family Services and is a counselor with Royal Family Kids Camp, two organizations that offer assistance, support, and developmental activities to foster children.

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