MOAA Looks at Mental Health in Female Veterans

Military Officers Association of America pic
Military Officers Association of America

A former US Navy ship commander who was in charge of the USS Peleliu and the USS Ford, Captain David Schnell gave 27 years of service to his country before retiring. Though he is no longer on active duty, Captain David Schnell maintains his connections to the armed services through membership in the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

According to a recent analysis sponsored by MOAA and United Health Foundation, women who serve in the military have an increased incidence of development mental health issues compared to women who haven’t served. Though these female veterans are typically in better physical health, they often report a higher rate of depression (16 percent) and are twice as likely to experience suicidal thoughts. They also have a 50 percent higher rate of developing overall mental illness.

In his comments, MOAA president and CEO Lt. Gen. Dana T. Atkins, USAF (Ret.), said that the study highlights the need for more resources to be devoted to ensuring that these veterans are getting the care they need.


Virtual Career Fair for Military Personnel

Military Officers Association of America pic
Military Officers Association of America

The executive director of Christ Kitchen in San Diego, Captain David Schnell served for nearly three decades in the U.S. Navy, commanding warships such as the USS Ford and the USS Peleliu and earning several accolades for meritorious service. Captain David Schnell also holds a lifetime membership in the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

As the largest association of military officers in the country, MOAA works hard to support its members and their families through a diverse range of programs. These programs include free virtual career fairs held to connect those who have served in the military, and their spouses, with employment opportunities. The organization has seen the effectiveness of these virtual career fairs, which require minimal time investment.

The MOAA will host one of its virtual career fairs on June 20th, 2018. To participate in the fair, you must register and then upload your personal information, such as your current photo, resume, and a link to your LinkedIn profile. Those interested in participating, or to find out about future opportunities, may visit the organization’s website at

MOAA Honored by The Hill for Its Influence


The USS Peleliu

USS Peleliu pic
USS Peleliu

Since 2012, David Schnell has served as the general manager of Los Angeles express lanes for the Americas Commercial & State Transportation Group in Los Angeles, California. He is also a retired naval Captain who served as executive and commanding officer of several U.S. Navy warships over the course of his 27-year military career. One of the warships under Captain David Schnell’s command was the USS Peleliu.

Categorized in the United States Navy’s Tarawa class, the amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu first launched in 1978 under the name “Da Nang ,” but it ultimately took the name Peleliu in honor of the Third Amphibious Force’s capture of the eponymous Palau island. Members of the military also know the USS Peleliu by its nickname the “Iron Nickel.”

Over the course of its service, the USS Peleliu deployed 17 times into battle and conducted more than 178,000 aircraft movements. All told, the ship traveled nearly 1,012,000 nautical miles.

The Navy decommissioned the USS Peleliu in 2015. It was welcomed into retirement by 10 former commanding officers, as well as hundreds of past and present crew members.